Air Tight

Japanilainen Air Tight valmistaa äärimmäisen käsinkosketeltavaan musiikintoistoon kykeneviä laitteita.

Air Tight ATM-2001

Superdreadnought mono power amplifier

  • Comfortable high power thanks to colossal output stage featuring 12 pcs. of 6550 beam valve
  • Individually direct-coupled cathode-follower to ensure an optimum operation of each output valve
  • Massive power supply employing huge EI power transformer
  • 2 independent amps thus composed in UL configuration afford rich high power without load on each component
  • Lavish employment of strictly select components of high performance & long durability

Air Tight ATM-2001S

Superdreadnought stereo power amplifier

  • Comfortable high power thanks to colossal output stage featuring 12 pcs. of 6550 beam valve
  • Individually direct-coupled cathode-follower to ensure an optimum operation of each output valve
  • Massive power supply employing huge EI power transformer
  • 2 independent amps thus composed in UL configuration afford rich high power without load on each component
  • Lavish employment of strictly select components of high performance & long durability

Air Tight ATE-2001

Ultimate phono pre-amplifier

  • EQ circuitry configured by 2 NF stages & low-impedance, SRPP output stage assures stable function of NF to achieve low distortion
  • Select on-deck step-up transformer to derive the full potentials of MC cartridges
  • Low-impedance output created by non-NFb SRPP circuit enables to drive any of power amps
  • Abundant inputs, 3 lines & 4 phonos (3 MC + 1 MM) for versatile use. MC impedance selectable between 3Ω & 20Ω
  • Low-noise power supply featuring an optimum combination of valve & semi-conductor in pursuit of utter operational stability & noise banishment
  • Constant voltage an independent regulator supplies to each valve ensures thorough elimination of mutual interferences

Air Tight ATM-3011

Reference mono power amplifier
The memorial valve high-power mono amp to mark the glorious 25th anniversary of the Air Tight ,that enables to derive in the form of ultimate fidelity the high-speed feelings , definition capability and opulent information inherent in the latest speakers.

  • Parallel Connection of 6550 Valves under UL connection operated are 6pcs. of the reputed high-power valve compatible to the KT88.
  • Driving Circuitry Featuring Direct-Coupled Cathode Follower
  • Output valves can be easily adjusted by the front bias meter and the alignment pot affixed to each valve
  • Banishment of PCB
  • The amp section, all the components are placed on the copper-plated steel plate in order to improve heat conduction, to prevent vibration and shield magnetism
  • Strictly Select Components
  • Dispositions of components are so designed as to effect heat dissipation by natural air circulation, thus ensuring noise suppression to achieve good S/N ratio
  • Chassis of compact, upright structure

Air Tight ATM-300

SET stereo power amplifier

  • Legendary musical charms of jubilee-long reputed, genuine 300B diect-heated valve
  • Self-biased Class-A operation at 300B output stage
  • 3-stage triode amplification for sublimate musicality
  • DC-driven heater to reduce noise inherent in direct-heated valve
  • Bias/current meter to check optimum operation of output valve
  • Damping selector control to create one’s favourite sound
  • Lavish employment of second-to-none, custom-selected components
  • Copper-plated chassis to remove magnetic distortion
  • Attenuator on direct-CD input

Air Tight ATM-211

SET monaural power amplifier

  • Unprecedented high power 22W derived from broadcast-oriented 211 valve with direct-coupled cathode-follower stage
  • All-stage triode-driven non-NF Class-A operation to achieve pure,unimpaired sound
  • Independently coiled transformer for amp-stage, bias, heater & relay circuits to remove mutual interferences
  • DC-driven heater filament to eliminate hum of output valve
  • Relay-activated muting circuit for long life of electrolytic capacitor
  • Bias meter to check operation status of output valve

Air Tight ATM-4

Stereo power amplifier

  • Reputed 6L6GC beam-valve boasting of long history starting from military application
  • UL connection enabling to offer affluent power and guts
  • Low NF design for low distortion
  • Adjuster pot & centre meter to assure optimum balance of push-pull operation
  • Stereo/mono selector switch
  • Select components for long-time listening pleasure

Air Tight ATM-3

Monaural power amplifier

  • 6CA7 output valves for high reliability and affluent musicality under triple push-pull configuration
  • Selector between UL and TRIODE modes enabling to match the amp operation to type of speaker used, or the sound to your personal taste
  • Bias adjustment enabling each and all valves to exhibit the same operational performance
  • Removal of PCB’s for vivid, natural sonic reproduction
  • Large power transformer with heavy-duty choke coil and reputed Tamura output transformer
  • Muting delay system to protect output valves

Air Tight ATM-2

Stereo power amplifier

  • Renowned KT-88 output valves for high power
  • Bias adjuster for optimal operation of output valves
  • Cathode follower direct drive circuitry under UL connection
  • Total hand-wiring without PCB’s
  • Full OFC wiring with copper-plated chassis and bottom plate
  • Dependable Tamura output transformers with large input capacity exceeding 100W
  • CD direct input enabling unimpaired digital reproduction

Air Tight ATM-1S

Stereo power amplifier

  • Dependable orthodox configuration composed of highly acclaimed 6CA7 valves under Mullard phase inversion
  • Hefty output headroom achieved by newly developed Hashimoto transformers boasting of 60W power handling capability
  • Bias adjustment facilities for easy service accessibility
  • No PCB in favour of point-to-point manual soldering with full OFC wires and copper-plated chassis

Air Tight ATE-2

Phono equaliser amplifier

  • Genuine valve configuration for whole amp stages even at power supply
  • Latest sonic-oriented high-quality attenuator for matchless sonic transparency and silky smoothness
  • EQ circuitry composed of 2-stage NF & SRPP to insure wide-band spectrum and minimum distortion
  • Elaborate power supply for high stability and low noise
  • Direct-accessible EQ output bypassing volume pot
  • High-mass, vibration-proof chassis for high rigidity

Air Tight ATE-2005

Phono equaliser amplifier

  • Onboard headamp for low-output MC cartridge
  • Low-noise, high-stability equaliser stage featuring select ECC83 valves
  • Independent 4 circuit sections to prevent mutual interferences for low-noise operation
  • Degauss function to remove magnetism of cartridge
  • Multiple 1 MC & 2 MM inputs
  • Exquisite manual wirings on signal paths

Air Tight ATC-2

Stereo line-control amplifier

  • Self-biased 2-stage NF flat amp to provide impressive high gain, thus insuring powerfulness and high resolution
  • SRPP output stage for high power under low impedance
  • 6 independent constant voltage circuits for stable, low-bass reproduction
  • Custom-selected coupling capacitor to ensure natural sound free from intermodulation distortion
  • Abundant input and outputs for versatile use
  • Single-steel chassis coated with several enamel layers for superb rigidity expelling mechanical noise and induced currents
  • “Alps” acclaimed high-precision pot RK-501 available at option

Air Tight ATC-3

Stereo line-control amplifier

  • SRPP line amp with reinforced buffer stage to assure good noise rejection, low output impedance and extended linearity
  • Rich power supply featuring quick recovery diode for high operational speed and low pulse noise
  • Single-steel sheet with multi-layer enamel for high rigidity and low noise
  • High-quality input/output jacks with detachable mains cord
  • Optional ‘Alps’ high-precision pot RK-501

Air Tight ATC-1

Stereo line & phono control amplifier

  • Highly reliable 12AX7 valves meticulously selected after ageing
  • 3-stage low-impedance K-K NF configuration equaliser acclaimed for low distortion & wide frequency response
  • Simple, single-stage flat amp for pure sound
  • High-voltage B-power supply with quick recovery diode
  • PCB-free hand wiring
  • Discrete, highly rigid dia-magnetic chassis
  • EL-core power transformer


Step-up transformer for MC cartridge

  • We, A&M Ltd., proudly introduce the ATH-2 REFERENCE as one of the finest As an ultimate top version of the ATH-2A, the ATH-2 REFERENCE has three selectable inputs, i.e., ”Bypass”, ”2Ohm” and ”40Ohhm”.
  • Thanks to the employment of the new winding material (oxygen-free copper) and careful review on its winding method, the dynamics-range, sonic powerfulness and quality feelings have been remarkably improved, thus achieving an unparalleled affluence in terms of musicality of analogue discs.
  • The frequency rage being fully procured, the upper-end is extend up to 80kHz (-1dB) and 120kHz (-2.2dB).
  • The S/N ratio especially at the low output level totally surpassing the competitors’ performance, you may enjoy the higher quality in the different dimension in combination with the Hi-End amplifiers.
  • To say nothing of the 2 Ohm position that complies with the latest ultra-low impedance below 1 Ohm, the ATH-2 REFERENCE derives the full potentials of the existing MC cartridges, starting from the Ortofon SPU down to the latest ones

Air Tight ATH-2A

Step-up transformer for MC cartridge

  • Input selector for 3 different cartridges/tonearms
  • Input impedance selectable among 3 positions [2 ohms, 40 ohms & bypass (for MM cartridge)]

Air Tight ATE-1

Matching outboard phono equaliser for ATC-2

Valves employed:12AX7 × 3
Dimensions:320(W) × 225(D) × 60(H)mm

Air Tight PC-1 Supreme

Ultimate MC phono cartridge

  • Epoch-making Hi-µ core material SH-µX recently developed offers high µ amount to realise high-efficiency magnetic circuitry
  • Thick wires help reduce winding Nos. in coil, thus achieving astounding low internal impedance
  • Expanded bandwidth & extended dynamic range present clearer life-like soundstage, whilst improvement in transient & phase characteristics reproduces ultra-heavy bass with highest resolutions

Air Tight PC-1

Best MC phono cartridge

  • New, exclusive SH-µX core material made compatible the mutually contradictory factors, high energy & low impedance
  • Hi-efficiency magnet system allows very few coil windings for low impedance
  • Impeccable tonal balance offering generous, opulent bass, supple midband & extended, resolved top end

Air Tight PC-3

Standard MC phono cartridge

  • Top-notched sonic quality with wide range frequency spectrum under an outstanding S/N ratio
  • Multi-structure cantilever composed of baron & aluminium for optimum signal transmission
  • Semi-line contact diamond tip ensuring accurate trackability

Air Tight MSM-1

Micro studio monitor

  • Small yet ultimate in efficiency as much as 89dB
  • Affluent tonal quality & high resolutions totally unprecedented with full range speaker
  • Ample dynamic range comparable to that of large, multi-way systems