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Hegel valmistaa mielenkiintoisia DA-muuntimen sisältäviä stereovahvistimia. -Puristisia laitteita jotka ottavat huomioon nykypäivän vaatimukset digitaalilaiteliitännöin.

Hegel CDP2A MK2

The entry level Hegel CD-player is fully based upon the core design of our reference CDP4A mk2, mainting many of the qualities of its bigger brother. CDP2A MK2 has a high quality CD-Drive mechanism is designed in house by Hegel. This is the same drive as the one you can find in the CDP4A MK2. No other CD player in this price range can match Hegel CDP2A MK2 when it comes to reproduce the analog music experience that is recorded on a CD. On its advanced surface mounted audio circuit board, the player has multilevel 24-bit 192kHz converters for a true balanced signal conversion, in addition to Hegel’s proprietary analog stages. The CDP2A MK2 is also using the Hegel master clock circuit with an extremely low jitter level.

Hegel CDP4A MK2

High-End Reference CD player. What is lost can never be recovered… This is why the music source is of such big importance. If signals are lost in the reading process it can never be repaired by a good amplifier or a loudspeaker. The process of reading a CD seems quite simple at first, but it requires very precise timing and the weak signal can very easily be distorted. If you get these factors under control you are well on your way to a NATURAL and DYNAMIC sounding system. A system that brings you closer to the performers. The CDP4A is all that. Thanks to the Hegel CD-Drive mechanism with redesigned servo motors and perfectly synchronized timing throughout the digital domain.

Hegel H4SE

The H4SE is an improved version of the H4A MK2. The H4A MK2 was in many ways the very corner stone of the Hegel amplifier range, but the development of the H20 amplifiers disclosed a significant potential for upgrade. The H4SE has received many of the technologies developed for the H20, including the Hegel Next-Gen technology in the input stages. This gives it a smoother, yet at the same time more rhythmic sound compared to its predecessors. Each channel of the H4SE is divided into completely separate voltage gain and current gain stages. The benefit with this design is a higher dynamic range, better pin-pointing of instruments and a wider sound field. The reduction of dynamic distortion all over the audible frequency range together with complete elimination of ”transistor sound” makes the H4SE sound smooth and transparent without losing any details. Behind it’s confident front panel, the H4SE has extreme power reserves and is capable of powering all known speaker systems. The H4SE can deliver a current output signal of more than 200A.

Hegel H20

H20 High-End Power Amplifier, 2x200W 8 ohms, 2x350W in 4 ohms. The Hegel H20 incorporates the latest version of the Hegel FET-technology. A practical benefit of the H20 FET-technology is a more rhythmic sound. It is simply better at re-creating a bass line. Another vital element is the removal of harmonic echoes in the higher frequencies, which result in a lot more detail and still a smoother and more natural sound. The core design of the H20 is based on the H30 reference amplifier, with the best possible implementation of our patented and laser trimmed SoundEngine modules. Also designed in the timeless Hegel look, it will fit in any modern or classic home. Just one single button on the front and a solid bead blasted and anodized front panel. A truly rigid design with well over 1,5 kg of aluminium in the front panel alone.

Hegel H30

With a power rating of more than 1,1 kW in 8 ohms it is on the verge of being easier to measure the H30 in horsepower. The massive H30 mono power amplifiers from Hegel play any loudspeaker in the world with ease and authority. The H30 is our best power amplifier ever, and is definitely a combatant for being the best power amplifier in the world. The H30 is developed as a mono block, but there is also the possibility to use it as a stereo power amplifier to start with if you are on a budget. Progress is a one way street and so for our power amplifiers. The H30 is using a new and improved version of the patented Hegel SoundEngine amplifier technology. This further reduce all types of distortion. In addition to the improve SoundEngine we are also using the highest possible level of the Hegel FET-technology in the input stage and the voltage gain stage. This technology reduce a very specific type of distortion called Harmonic Distortion. This particular type of distortion causes what many people call ”transistor sound”, and this is therefore dramatically reduced in the H30. It will simply let the music reach you in a different way than what you have ever experienced before.

Hegel H70

The entry level Hegel product offers a unique combination of power, finesse and versatility. More so than any competitor on the market. Using the latest version of Hegel renowned SoundEngine amplifier modules it delivers immense power and rhythm. At the same time the low distortion levels ensure that all the details and splendour in the music is brought forward in a natural and pleasant way. The H70 is the first integrated Hegel amplifier with a fully balanced pre amplifier stage. This reduce distortion to an all time low. Regular digital inputs is a new feature on the H70. There are two digital inputs. One optical and one coaxial, that can be used to upgrade the sound quality from most digital sources like music streamers, satellite receivers and so on.

Hegel H80

In the H80 integrated amplifier with digital and analog inputs, technology from the Reference Hegel products has virtually been pouring down. Hegel’s patented SoundEngine output stages, the Reference quality preamp and our critically acclaimed DACs. All in one box. A Music Machine! The H80 features 5 digital inputs with 24 bit technology, 1 true balanced analog input and 2 unbalanced analog inputs (one of of which can be configured to be a Home Theatre direct input). The USB input even allows you to use the supplied remote control to maneuver within play lists on your computer. Skip / Play / Pause the songs. And not only that, it is all plug & play. The DAC inside the H80 is based on Hegel’s stand-alone DACs, which have been recognized by critics as some of the best in the industry. Much thanks to Hegel’s proprietary re-clocking technique and the unique way we implement the digital components. The result of which is less additives to the music. You only hear what you are supposed to, and that makes the sound so much more life-like.

Hegel H100

New integrated amplifier from Hegel, with a built-in USB sound card so you can enjoy audio from your computer with much improved sound quality. The H100 is extremely powerful for its price. With 2*120 watts in 8 ohms and 2*220 watts in 4 ohms, most speakers will be an easy match. The H100 carries much of the technologies developed for our Reference pre amplifiers and power amplifiers. One of the most important new features is the on board Hegel USB sound card. It is easy to use, flexible and much improves the sound quality from any computer on the market. Simply hook it up to the USB output on your PC or MAC and it will install itself within seconds. Now you can enjoy all the new digital media with superb Hegel sound quality. Streaming internet radio, streaming music services like Rhapsody or Spotify, downloaded movies, computer games and much more.

Hegel H200

Extremely powerful H200 High-End Integrated Amplifier, 2x200W in 8 ohms, 2x350W in 4 ohms. With its powerful 2×200 watt and a dual mono power supply it is much more dynamic and powerful than the H100 or H70. The H200 fills the gap between the integrated amplifier H100 and the combination of the pre amplifier P4AMK2 + H20 power amplifier. A new feature of the H200 is the Home Theatre input, allowing you to combine it with an external surround sound system. The H200 has a relay switched input source selector and can be connected to different types of music sources. A display shows the selected input source and volume setting. The integrated amplifier has a new digitally controlled active preamp stage and the new improved SoundEngine amplifier modules. It has got both balanced and unbalanced inputs.

Hegel H300

The flagship integrated amplifier / DAC. The alchemists of old devoted their lives to finding a way to make gold out of stone. As far as we know they never succeeded. However, with the H300, we finally feel that we have. At least, from an audio perspective. On one side, the H300 is a spectacular integrated amplifier. With its 250 watts per channel, it is powerful enough to pair with even the most demanding loudspeakers on the market. Hegel’s patented SoundEngine technology ensures completely undistorted and natural sound with a dynamic and powerful bass response. The H300 is, to a large extent, based on Hegel’s Reference products rather than its smaller brothers. On the other side, it has 5 digital inputs and this is where the alchemy comes in. Hegel’s digital inputs are designed with unique technology that can make your computer, streamer or other digital device sound extremely good. You can take some of the most affordable digital music players on the market, connect them to the H300’s digital inputs, and get fantastic musical and dynamic sound.

Hegel HD11

32 bit High End Audio DAC. With ever more different services for listening to music becoming available, a good quality DAC is almost a necessity for any music lover. What the HD11 can do to improve the sound, even from compressed streaming services, is extraordinary. What it can do to upgrade a high quality CD-transport or a well configured computer is beyond imagination. The secret to the HD11’s unique qualities lies in Hegel’s proprietary re-clocking technology and our unique implementation of the best chips available on the market today. While most DAC’s on the market are more or less the same, Hegel takes pride in designing the products from the bottom. Hegel is one of very few high end audio manufacturers in the world with the know-how and capacity to design both the analogue and the digital stage of the components. That allows us use the best available chips in an optimal way, and to develop new technology where necessary.

Hegel HD20

The HD20 offers a significant improvement compared to its little brothers. Both in terms of sound quality and functionality. The HD20 has both USB inputs as well as regular coaxial and optical spdif inputs. The HD20 also has a Hegel system remote control that can be used to control the HD20 as well as other Hegel components. The big thing with Hegel digital to analog converters is that we are able to get very high quality sound from standard audio players like computers or iPOD type units. The problem with these common players is that they send out the digital data in an uneven rate. This is called jitter, and results in a smeared sound with less dynamics and detail. The Hegel DAC’s incorporates technology that store the data stream and build it up again in exactly the correct rhythm. Thus reducing the effects of the quality of both the computer and the digital cable. The HD20 also has a new impedance matching technology developed by Hegel. With this we can adjust for the less than perfect impedance in normal RCA digital cables. This further reduce the jitter, resulting in increased precision.

Hegel HD25

The HD25 is the natural digital hub in any audio system. It has four digital inputs and two analog outputs. The digital inputs can be used to connect a tablet, computer, streamer, Sonos, cable TV or music center to your existing audio system. And with greatly improved sound quality. The HD25 has a built in pre amplifier and a remote control which allow easy integration with active loudspeaker systems or headphone amplifiers. Should you lose your remote control, you may switch inputs by simply tapping on the front panel. If you plan to use it together with a computer as a source, the HD25 is especially clever. Out of the box it is very simple Plug & Play. Connect the USB cable and immediately enjoy high quality sound.

Hegel P20

The P20 is our entry level preamplifier and offers an affordable door into the Hegel Reference line of products. Designing the P20 was not a task we took lightly. Many of the ideas and concepts were taken from its bigger brother. Although scaled down, many of the good characteristics remain: the enormous soundstage, the deep rhythmic bass response, the perfect timing… In short, the sense of being there with the performers. The P20 comes with a high quality system remote control, milled out of one solid piece of aluminium. It has the same bead blasted and anodized surface finish as the preamplifier itself. You can really feel the quality each part of the P20; not only hear it. There is a total of 5 regular inputs. Both balanced and unbalanced. In addition, a special Home Theatre input allows integration in Home Theatre systems. Finally, there are both balanced and unbalanced outputs as well as a fixed line-level output.

Hegel P30

The P30 is the best preamplifier ever developed by Hegel. With its patented technology and hand matched components, the P30 is a confident contender in the race towards being the best pre amplifier in the world. Regardless of price. Despite of what many hifi enthusiasts believe, pre amplifiers are actually one of the most difficult audio components to develop. At the same time it is one of the most important components in a well sounding system. The reason is that the signal strength is very low when entering the pre amplifier, and is therefore very susceptible high frequency noise and distortion elements. The most critical phase in the pre amplifier is the volume regulation, and in the P30 this is a master piece in it self. The physical volume control knob is only used to describe the desired volume output level to the array of Gigahertz MOS-transistors. These direct the music signal through a network of high quality resistors that reduce the signal level.


Hear what your headphones actually sounds like, with the new Hegel headphone amplifier. Milled out of one solid piece of brushed aluminum, it is a beautiful piece on its own, but the real beauty lies in the sound. Simply connect the SUPER to your computer, connect your headphones to the SUPER and let Hegel’s Reference amplifier technology give you an instant sound upgrade. A much richer sound, far deeper and better bass response and more gain. Why is this so? The answer is complex, but there are two major obstacles to getting the optimal sound from your headphones. The SUPER addresses both.
The first reason you should have a look at the Hegel SUPER has to do with noise. No modern computers are actually designed to sound good. They are designed for speed and versatility, and create a lot of background noise. Not so much that it is audible in itself, but enough to blur the finer details of the music – making everything sound a bit dull and flat. The Hegel SUPER uses proprietary technology, designed in-house by Hegel, that dramatically reduces the noise – allowing you to hear everything there is to hear.