Rockport Technologies

Audio Technology on Dynaudion perustajan kaiutinelementtejä valmistava yritys Tanskassa.
Rockport Technologies käyttää Audio Technology elementtejä, jotka se on vielä kehittänyt seuraavalle tasolle.
Lopputuloksena tarjoillaan aito amerikkalainen luksustuote, huikean hieno viimeistely yhdistettynä järkähtämättömään kontrolliin koko äänialueella. Suosittelemme Rockport Tehnologies kaiuttimien seuraksi Karan Acoustics, ASR, EAR Yoshino, ym. asiallista elektroniikkaa.

Rockport Technologies Mira II

The Mira is a floor standing three way design, suitable for both modest and larger rooms. The clean lines and high gloss piano black finish, coupled with side mounting of the Mira’s 10 inch woofer and narrow front baffle profile, create a form which will integrate easily into any decor. Much of the success of the Mira is owed to its lineage, and the way it communicates the intimacy of voice, piano, jazz quartet, or the grandeur of a full orchestra is not lost on the seasoned music lover. True to its namesake, the Mira is quite simply, lovely.

The Mira’s baffle is constructed of 3″ thick MDF, while the cabinet walls are dual layer .75″ MDF construction that employ constrained mode damping via a viscoelastic layer between the two .75″ layers of MDF. This results in an incredibly stiff cabinet (eight times stiffer than single layer .75″ inch construction) with exceptional damping characteritics. The cabinet also utilizes seven individual braces to interlock the cabinet panels together and dramatically enhance the structural integrity of the enclosure. The front baffle incorporates a laser chamfered felt inset around the midrange and tweeter to attenuate baffle reflection and minimizes diffraction effects.

Tekniset tiedot

Woofer 10″: Ultrastiff Paper
Midrange 5.25″: Audiotechnology
Tweeter 1″: Fabric Dome
Internal Wiring: Transparent Audio
Height: 45.89″
Width: 10.25″ (base)
Depth: 20.67″ (base)
Weight: 140 lbs. each
Frequency Response: 35Hz – 20kHz -3dB
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Sensitivity: 88 dB SPL/2.83 v
Min. Amplifier Power: 50 Watts

Hinta(svh): 12900 € pari