The Funk Firm

Armotonta groovea brittein saarilta, nyt tarjolla Sound Factorista.

Kaikissa Funk Firm -pyörittimissä on ainutlaatuinen 3-pisteinen hihnan kuljetus. Näin apulautanen kokee saavansa tasaisen ulospäisen vedon kolmesta ilmansuunnasta, jolloin levylautasen akselin laakeri toimii optimaalisemmin. Luulisi että moista keksintöä olisi käyttänyt useampikin levysoitinvalmistaja, mutta ainakaan vielä tähän ei olla herätty. Toinen luku on sitten useamman moottorin vetoa käyttävät Kuzma ja Dr.Feickert.

The Funk Firm valmistaa mielenkiintoisia äänivarsia, joissa on kattavat säädöt tarjolla jo edullisessa hintaluokassa.

Tervetuloa Sound Factoriin tutkailemaan rakenteita ja kuuntelemaan musiikkia – luonnollisesti.

The Funk Firm F5

Funk has long maintained that the humble “tonearm” is a serious weak link in achieving purity of analogue replay.

Indeed this is immediately supported when one looks at Funk’s first foray into pickup arms, the FXR. Its performance has been universally received as a revelation in what can be achieved to push the envelope forward in arm technology and has been selected for use by four leading reviewers as their personal choice of arm. The unique F•X construction at the heart of the FXR requires significant detail in its manufacture to ensure its superb performance.

Tekniset tiedot

Mounting Distance: 222mm
Mounting: Standard Rega 3-point – Holes at 20mm radius
Effective Length: 239mm
Effective Mass: Medium, Variable, depending on Tracking weight
Bearings: High performance, very low friction.
Cartridge Suitability: Suitable for cartridges low and high compliance

The Funk Firm FX-R

We can do no better than repeat the following from a reviewer who upon comparing FX-R against a £2000+ world reference was overheard quietly muttering:

”It’s remarkable how the music comes through when the arm is not in the way”
That has thrust FX-R instantly into super-arm territory.
BUT based on a fully re-worked Rega 301, FX-R is modestly priced.

We believe it currently heads the field – yes it really is that good.


  • Internal PTFE re-wiring
  • A new precision machined pillar to replace 301’s plastic offering
  • Good as the original horizontal bearings are, they are uprated to ABEC 7. By reducing friction and hence the load on the stylus.
  • Gone is the lack of VTA replaced by a sensible VTA adjusting base. This in turn is available in two versions:
  • Version I is the standard VTA base for use with Funk derived FXR arms.
  • Version II is designed for use with Rega arms, RB 600 and above, namely those with mounting ”wings”, which would otherwise foul the VTA base.
  • Gone is the lack of grounding, the signal is now protected by a coherently earthed tube
  • Multiple cartridges can easily be changed by a new simple cartridge mount system.
  • As standard FXR II’s external cabling is Rega’s cable but it also available with
  • Straight through wiring from cartridge to Phono plug or with a
  • 5 pin connector and a separate detachable lead of your choice.
  • And the raison d’etre for all this effort? Funk’s new F•X arm beam

To create an FX-R and incorporate Funk’s F•X technology takes a surprising amount of time and skill.

Disassembling a 301 is tricky and fiddly.
The first job is to remove the arm tube.

Next the bearings and plastic pillar have to be separated so the new machined pillar can be fitted. This is not just a matter of undoing a few screws for the plastic pillar is moulded about the bearing assembly – it doesn’t just come away.

Far from straightforward, special tools and skill are needed if damage to the races is to be avoided (something all too easily done).
This operation takes time and care.

The components are now given their first performance check.
A new machined pillar, with the new ball races are now carefully assembled and pre-loaded. Check number two.

Next the arm tube is cut to accept the pre-assembled F•X tube. The bore of the casting has to be prepared and machined to size to accept the new arm beam.
A new F•X tube already pre-assembled is then jigged and fixed to the rear bearing housing with all necessary shielding and new cabling.
(Details of the F•X arm beam are proprietary.
Patent restrictions means that much must remain confidential but construction of the beam takes longer than the rest of all of the makeover.)

The transformed arm beam is now fitted to the main pillar assembly.
Another check. The chosen cable is soldered.

The final performance check: Bearing friction, continuity, alignment.

Another FX-R is now ready.

The Funk Firm Little Super Deck

Anticipate much…
Funk’s latest addition is a mid-priced turntable and arm.
Named Little Super Deck, it ought to come as no surprise that we ourselves feel there is nothing “mid-priced” in its performance, so as you read on be prepared for a few surprises.

Audition it. It delivers…
You want a deck that digs more music from the grooves? Well you have found it. But how to know it delivers?
Go and compare.
This is where two “shock-horrors” will be seen, at least as far as Funk is concerned:
The first is the use of a glass platter and the second is the felt mat supplied as standard.
These radical departures from normal Funk design are precisely that which make the task of comparison against the comparable competition really easy…and we’re happy putting it up even against decks costing up to twice as much.
When you do try it, be ready to agree that Funk’s “Little Super Deck” is aptly named.


The Funk Firm Saffire III

Pink Triangle’s Anniversary heralded a milestone in turntable development.
20 years on, its legendary performance has people regularly fighting over it on Ebay, willing to pay double its original retail price, thereby underlining a real demand for a replacement.

That is some pedigree to live up to.

Funk’s answer is Saffire III…

Denver’s Audiofest has fast established itself as one of the world’s premier shows. There, the most prestigious companies from round the world show off and the rooms get evaluated for their ability to perform. The rooms themselves contain the most exotic of systems, some costing in excess of $400,000.
It was against this backdrop that Funk arrived last year and demonstrated the modest Saffire III and FXR3.

The Funk Firm Vector III

Funk’s Vector has been winning awards since it was launched back in 2005.

Radical and organically styled it immediately captures attention and ongoing development and refinement has produced Vector 3.

  • The very name Funk “Vector” gives away the first feature: Funk’s famous three pulley Vector Drive system, which balances the drive. The bearing is no longer pulled hard in just one direction. This produces less work for the motor the current delivery is smoother – a more even turning of the platter. When you listen to a Funk Vector 3, there is a delightful sense of “rightness” and ease to the music as compared to a deck withoutVector Drive.
  • The motor and power supply are now derived from K-Drive.
  • Achromat, HiFi Choice’s Gold award winner for disc support is used here in Achroplat II with a new smooth silky finish.
  • The fine jewelled bearing is found in only the highest end turntables. Optically polished and silky smooth, it will comfortably outlive the life of the turntable (and you!).
  • To complement Vector 3, the standard recommended arm is our award winning FXR II (pat pend).