Cayin CS-100A KT88

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Our powerhouse: The Cayin CS-100A with a KT-88 assembly for the output stage. This brings it to 80 watts per channel in class AB ultra-linear mode and 2 x 45 watts in triode mode - a solid output for a tube amplifier. In addition to the KT 88 power tubes, 6SN7s are used for voltage amplification, 12AU7EH for phase inversion and voltage amplification. The output tubes are controlled via a driver stage with 12BH7EH. No savings were made on the remaining components either. The remote-controllable volume control comes from Alps, the capacitors are optimized for audio applications, the film resistors have the lowest tolerances. There is also a high quality toroidal transformer in the power supply.

Technical data Cayin CS-100A KT88

Frequency range

8Hz-75kHz (-3dB)

Klirrfactor (THD)


External voltage distance


Input impedance


Input sensitivity

450 mV line input 1300mV pre-in

Tube assembly

6SN7 × 1, 12BH7EH × 2, 12AU7EH × 2, KT88 x 8


Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Pre-In


Class A/B

Housing color

Anthrazit Metallic

Front panel

Silver or black

Output power (RMS) at 4 and 8 Ω

KT88: 45W+45W Triode,80W +80W Ultralinear

Maximum power consumption


Dimensions (W x D x H)

420mm × 394mm × 200mm




Remote control, integrated bias measuring instrument

Tube assembly

6SN7 × 1, 12BH7EH × 2, 12AU7EH × 2, KT88 × 8