Mytek Digital Brooklyn Bridge

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Mytek DAC's features

Brooklyn Bridge
Digital Inputs

USB, 2xSPDIF, Toslink or ADAT, 1xDSD SDIF
Analog Input 1x RCA Line or Phono MM/MC
Analog Output XLR Balanced, RCA
Volume Control Digital 32bit or Analog or Relay Bypass
Headphone Amp dual amp w/ balanced mode
Dac Chipset Sabre ES9028
Power Supply Universal 30W
EXT. PSU Option
Clock Femtoclock <1ps
Streaming/Roon Compatibility Roon Ready via USB And Network WIFI
Dim/Weight 1/2 rack size, 4lbs


CONVERSION: up to 384k, 32bit PCM, native DSD up to DSD256, DXD, 130dB DR, ES9028PRO chipset

MQA HI-RES DECODER: built in certified hardware MQA™ decoder, full unfold to original sample rate

NETWORK INPUTS: Ethernet CAT5 (PCM up to 24/192k, DSD64 , WiFi (PCM up to 24/192k, DSD64)

DIGITAL INPUTS: USB2 Class2 (OSX, Linux driverless, all formats up to 384k), 2x S/PDIF (PCM up to 24/384k, up to DSD128 DOP), Toslink (up to 24/176k, DSD64 DoP)

CLOCK: “Mytek Femtoclock Generator™” 0.82ps internal jitter.

ANALOG OUTPUTS: RCA, balanced XLR, simultaneous, 75 Ohm impedance

HEADPHONE OUTPUTS: Reference High Current,
High transient Headphone Amp, 500mA, 6 Watts, dual headphone jacks, designed to drive hard to
drive headphones.

BUILT-IN ATTENUATOR: Choice of 1dB step analog attenuator, separate for main out and head-phones,
1dB step digital 32 bit attenuator and purist relay bypass.

BUILT-IN ANALOG PREAMP: Line level input or Phono M/M, M/C input, relay controlled.

AUDIO INTERFACE FUNCTION: All digital inputs can be routed into computer via USB2. Allows connection
of external digital sources such as CD Players and digitizing ADCs.

REMOTE: Included, universal remote capable