Kuzma Stabi M

Sale price20 000,00 €

Väri: Musta
Mass 60 Kg
Platter mass 12 Kg
Platter material Aluminium& acrylic
Bearing type Ruby ball-inverted with resin/textile material
Shaft diameter 16 mm
Drive Flat plastic belt
Chassis/Levelling Aluminium/ Yes
Turntable levelling Yes
Motors 1 pc DC ( three phase)
External power supply Yes
Speeds 33,45, 78 rpm
Armboard Yes
VTA adjustment No
No. of tonearms 1
Max tonearm’s length 12”
Suspended Yes
Dimensions 600x500x280 mm
Finishes Black
Clamp Yes
Mat Yes
Lid Yes
Accessories Oil, Allen keys
Options Various armboards, Optional colour

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This is a modern turntable designed in a classic turntable style with the emphasis on providing the best possible record playback.

The turntable’s size allows even 12 inch tonearms to be mounted and covered with its massive acrylic dust cover on spring hinges . The dust cover is constructed not to pick up any vibration from loud music.

The turntable is assembled from various solid parts of aluminium making the construction rigid and absorbing vibration. On the outer sides of the main structure are solid aluminium plates, which give the turntable mass and further increase structural rigidity and damping.

The covered spikes within the legs allow horizontal levelling of the whole turntable.

The top aluminium plate under the platter, has an elastically under hung main frame and motor system below which is insulated from the outer main turntable’s structure via four big elastic dampers, allowing for fine horizontal levelling of the platter and tonearm.

The platter is constructed from two pieces of 30mm thick aluminium with an acrylic damping plate sandwiched between making a very inert support for records.

The bearing has an inverted shaft with a ruby ball which gives precise, low noise rotation to a supporting subplatter.

The main frame carrying the main bearing and massive aluminium armboard, is bolted together from solid aluminium blocks forming a unique damped rigid support.

The motor system: The DC motor itself is specially mounted inside a brass cup and aluminium plate. This motor assembly is encapsulated and suspended inside a massive brass motor housing. Thus the main frame is doubly insulated from the motor system and yet still maintains rigidity, allowing for max torque momentum to be transmitted via the stiff plastic belt to the subplatter. This gives the platter a high torque drive with the positive properties of belt and idler drives, while minimising the negatives one.

The external power supply controls the DC motor with precise frequency and it has very fine speed adjustments. The control panel on the front plate of the turntable has start/stop and speed change functions. The full speed of platter on 33 rpm is reached in just 2 seconds- in one full rotation of the platter. There is also a remote control start/stop function.


We can supply from factory preset turntable fitted with 4Point tonearm and a CAR cartridge. No need to fit tonearm or cartridge or adjust tangential geometry, tracking force, bias, VTA or azimuth!!! All is done in factory set up with higest possible precision and then shipped safely worldwide! There is no other turntable at this level capable offering plug and play function. For more information contact us or your distributor.

HIFI + magazine Feb 2013: Stabi M review conclusion is: "... but the end result is like getting the keys to every studio control room in history." A. Sircom.

Stabi M + 4Point 14 inch- see details how to mount and close lid- only when not playing- on this web site at 4Point 14 inch!

IM STABI M 180515

STABI M Outer dimensions