Atoll IN400SE Integ.

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Väri: Musta
Optiot: AUX

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Integrated IN400se

IN400se silver avant

The concept of the IN400 rests on our aesthetic and technical approach dedicated to optimal musicality. In mechanical terms, chassis is made from 2 mm steel and the front of 10 mm aluminum. Lateral curved heatsinks are manufactured in massive aluminum blocks by a completely unique process. The original design of the cabinet has been studied to best absorb mechanical vibrations and ensure perfect heat dissipation.

Electronic scheme is the result of long hours of updates that helped to optimize its operations and to refine the choice of components. Electric stages are rigorously double mono with a specific attenuator by channel and two ground star differentiated. Each component has been selected by listening and comparison test. The original scheme is optimized to refine the polarization bias currents and feedback.

The ultimate goal is to provide maximum power with as much energy in all registers. It then gets a listen binding wide stereo image and fluidity, natural and harmonic wealth.

Product Highlights:

5 inputs (with 1 AUX. for optional phono stage or Digital SPDIF)
1 By-pass input
1 XLR input
1 USB input (B type) - 24/96kHz
Balance setup

Rear view of the IN400

IN400 rear2 copie

3D Visual

Possible front panel finish : black or silver

Serial remote control

Specs for IN400:

Power Wrms / channel / 8 ohms : 160W
Power Wrms / channel / 4 ohms : 300W
Power supply : 1015 VA
Total of capacitors : 93 400 µF
Input Impedance : 220 kohms
Sensitivity : 350 mV
Signal/Noise rate : 100 dB
Distortion at 1kHz : 0,05%
Frequency Response : 5Hz - 100 kHz

Dimensions : 440*370*130 mm
Weight : 20 Kg

Phono Stages

Phono Stages P50 - P100

P50 : The P50 is the entry level phono stage.

ATOLL P50 bis

P100 : the P100, also integrable in all our IN (except IN30) & PR, is based on a complete symetrical scheme with discrete components. The Configuration MM or MC is possible directly on the board. Input Impedance is also adjustable for MC cartridges.

ATOLL P100 bis

Technical Specs:

Cartridge MM MM / MC
Input Impedance 47 k 47 k or 100k*
Input capacitors 100pF 100pF or rien*
MM Gain 40 dB 40 dB
MC High Gain - 46 dB
MC Low Gain - 52 dB
THD 0,05 % 0,05 %
* depending of setup (see manual)