Atoll TU80SE Radio

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Kaukosäätö: No Remote


Tuner TU80SE

The new FM Tuner TU80SE replaces the TU80. It comes with a new high precised FM receiver and includes auto information about channel by RDS system.

It gets an automatic channel SCAN, a MONO/STEREO selection and allows to preset up to 20 channel.

All output stages are entirely equipped with discrete components polarized in A Class.


Optional remote control
Dimensions 440x90x270mm
Weight 4kg

Technical Facts :

Supply 19,6VA
Signal/noise ratio (dBA) Stereo 58dB
Signal/noise ratio (dBA) Mono 63dB
Output Level (0dB) 2 V
Bandwidth 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Distortion at 1kHz 0,1%
Intermodulation Sensitivity 40dBµV
Impedance of aerial to connect 75 Ohms

Details about the OLED display