EAR Acute 4

Alennushinta3 740,00 €

Luxurious Detail

The EAR Acute 4 was designed with a beautiful chrome facia made with a high level of precision. Eight polished chromed buttons are directly placed above the solid aluminium disc tray, enabling easy interface access.

Fitting to the design, a calm and soft vacuum fluorescent graphic display indicates player information and includes CD text. Accompanying the unit is a weighty infrared remote control. Built with soft touch rubber for durability and tactility, topped with a luxurious aluminium enclosure allowing for operation of both the Acute and Dac 4.


One 5 Pin AcuteLink Output

(Compatibility with EAR Dac 4 only)

One 3 Pin AES Connector

(for service and support only)

Audio Playback

SACD 1 bit DSD, 2.8 MHz, 105 dB,

20 Hz – 50 kHz

CD 16 bit PCM, 44.1 kHz, 90 dB,

20 Hz – 20 kHz

CD Text Display if available

Dimensions & Weight

Weight: 7.30kg (16.1lb)

Width: 435mm (17.2”)

Depth: 285mm (11.2”)

Height: 65mm (2.7”)


Power Consumption: 20 watts

240 volt / 110 Volt / 100 Volt

(depending on model)

Tekniset tiedot:

Väri: etulevy ja painokytkimet kromi, kotelo musta
SACD 1 bit DSD, 2,8 MHz, häiriöetäisyys 105 dB
CD 16 bit PCM, 44,1 kHz, häiriöetäisyys 90 dB
Kaukosäädin: On
Tehonkulutus: 20 W
Mitat (L/K/S): 435 x 65 x 285 mm
Paino: 7,3 kg