Solid Tech Hybrid Wood, TT-Shelf

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To the new Hybrid Wood corner pillars is also new turntable developed. These new turntables are made of a sandwich board that have been veneered in black oak, oak, walnut and cherry. The sandwich board consists of 4 layers:

  • Layer 1: thin sheet of cork on the top to avoid any potential ringing in the table
  • Layer 2: MDF
  • Layer 3: Porous damp layer that will absorb and remove resonance in the table
  • Layer 4: MDF

The TT-Shelf has a thickness of 24mm width of 527mm and a length of 705mm. The board has been tested by letting a 9,8g steel ball be dropped 50 cm above the sandwich board and compared with a standard MDF board. The result is described in below table:

Test object C-weight Peak value (dBc) A-weight Peak average over 3 seconds (dBc)*
Sandwich board 109,7 dB 73,9 dB
Standard MDF board 119,9 dB 87,1 dB

From the result one can read that the sandwich board basically damp with 12dB compared to a standard MDF board.