ISOL-8 PowerLine Ultra 6 Way

Alennushinta960,00 €

*Mains conditioning products (for entire system)

PowerLine Ultra 6 Way - Spike & surge protection, Transmodal filtering

The PowerLine Ultra 6 Way has the same filter and feature set of the Ultra, but with adds two extra sockets. One additional socket for high power loads and one additional socket for audio source components.


Number of available outlets: 6

Dimensions: 505 x 83 x 88mm (W x H x D) excluding connectors

Product Weight: 2.9Kg

Construction: Aluminum top plate “titanium” anodise. Powder coated steel chassis

Maximum Current:

6.3 Amps any one source power outlet

6.3 Amps across all source power outlets

10 Amps any one high power outlet

10 Amps across all high power outlets

10 Amps across all outlets