ISOL-8 The Connect Slave

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Isol-8 Connect System

A versatile modular sequential mains distribution and conditioning system tailored for complex installations.

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The Isol-8 Connect system

There are two elements to the system. The Connect Controller provides sequential power up and down control signals for up to four Connect Slave units which remotely condition and switch mains power. The system's reach can be expanded even further when using the comprehensive serial interface to daisy chain or parallel slaves via additional controllers. Together they allow a system to be powered up and down from one place for ease of use, reducing switch on surges and unwanted tripping whilst eliminating the standby power used by the individual appliances. The powerful filters in the slave modules keep power free from mains noise, allowing the installation to deliver maximum performance at all times. The system is designed and built to flexible, robust and reliable for total peace of mind.