Linn Klimax Exaktbox Upgrade

Alennushinta21 700,00 €

Optiot: Katalyst

Klimax Exaktbox Upgrade

Upgrade to Katalyst

Upgrade your Klimax Exaktbox to include Katalyst DAC Architecture and experience a deeper insight into your music.

Featuring enhanced processing power and a new level of precision at the critical point where the digital signal is converted into sound, this update brings a new level of performance to your system—featuring six dedicated Katalyst DACs, one for each channel of amplification.

  • New circuit board for Klimax Exaktbox
  • Upgrade to Katalyst DAC Architecture
  • 1 Exaktbox supports up to 3-way speakers (stereo mode)
  • 2 Exaktboxes support up to 6-way speakers (mono mode)