Kondo Audio Note G-1000i

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G-1000 i

More powerful, yet more delicate....
Extends the world of extreme refinement to another level

As our flagship preamplifier, G-1000 reaches Audio Note's highest specifications and quality standard. It is made of highest quality parts with uncompromising circuit design and layout. Our goal is simple : To get the ultimate expressions for music ! Through G-1000, you can hear grand soundstage filled with fine presence. Your audio will sound colorful, with rich ambience yet amazing instruments positioning.


  • Newly developed 50 steps attenuator. The sheer volume of musical information uncovered is overwhelming.
  • Vacuum tubes adopted are 6072. Basic circuit is direct-coupling of plate follower and cathode follower. The parallel configuration (of plate follower) secured low output impedance for higher clarity. True balance input is added to G-1000 through adopting new in-house silver winding input transformer.
  • Capacitors groups are distributed along the line stage. This design serves big power supply capacity while signals loop can be shortened as much as possible.
  • All premium parts are used at G-1000. SSW (Silk Silver Wire), silver foil signal capacitors, original power transformer and choke are adopted. Main chassis is made of copper.
  • For providing a secure operating condition for G-1000, a large scale shunt type heater power supply circuit is newly used.

Audio Note Original Attenuator

50 steps attenuator (50kΩ) is our new original design. The aerospace grade resistors were chosen after a long period of serious listenings and comparisons. This new attenuator unleash more details, but much quieter because resistors are mounted on a best quality rotary switch and shielded by a full copper chassis.

Line amplifier unit

Modular design is one of the iconic designs of Audio Note new generation amplifiers. It is now fully symmetric and independent for left and right channels at G-1000. With the help of well distributed capacitor groups, the signal loops are shortened at the line amplifier unit.
For best matching with solid state or low input impedance power amplifier, G-1000 output impedance is 600Ω and cutoff frequency reaches 18.5Hz (under 20kΩ load).

Power supply, the shunt heater circuit

Rectification tunes is 6CA4. The power transformer and chokes are arranged so that minimum vibration is obtained. 3 kinds of decoupling capacitors are selected for well balance of tonal characteristics. Power supply is strengthened by clearly separating the ripple filter capacitors and decoupling capacitors.
Combining capacitor groups and a newly developed shunt type DC6.3V heater power supply circuit, ripples at power line is highly eliminated and heater voltage is regulated within ±5%.

Ultra-high-quality parts

Audio Note original attenuator unit, silver winding input transformers, copper main chassis, silver foil capacitors, original electrolytic capacitors, silver lead resistors, SSW wiring material, flagship interconnect Ls-41, original RCA Jacks, original power transformers, chokes and a lot. Other parts such as market capacitors and resistors are selected carefully for each specific positions.

Power Cable




Product Stereo line preamplifier
Model G-1000 i
Frequency Response 8Hz ~ 280kHz (+0dB, -3dB / with 100kΩ load, Unbalanced)
15Hz ~ 90kHz (+0dB, -3dB / with 100kΩ load, Balanced)
Gain 25dB
Input / Impedance RCA 4pairs, Unbalanced / 50kΩ
XLR 1pair, Balanced (transformer, 2:Hot) / 50kΩ(12.5kΩ/12.5kΩ)
Output RCA x2, XLR x1 (unbalanced, over 20 kΩ load)
Noise less than 0.15mV
Vacuum Tubes 6072 x4, 6CA4 x2
Power consumption 41W
Dimensions Main unit 320mm(W) 160mm(H) 414mm(D)
Power supply unit 320mm(W) 160mm(H) 414mm(D)
(excluding protrusions)
Weight Main unit 17kg
Power supply unit 20kg