Kuzma CAR-20 -äänirasia

Alennushinta2 100,00 €


Kuzma CAR cartridges are made to our specifications by a Japanese company with over 50 years experience in this field. The same approach, with regard to design and manufacture of cartridges housings is used as in other Kuzma products. A combination of brass and aluminium parts made by us gives rigid and inert support to the signal generator, allowing the diamond tip to extract musical information from the record grooves without distortion.

New Model Number

Type Condition Moving Coil
Coil Wire STD Copper
Cantilever material Aluminum
Stylus Synthetic Elliptical
Frequency Response 10Hz-33kHz
Output Voltage 3.54cm/1KHz 0.3mv
Channel Balance 1KHz <1dB
Channel Separation 1KHz >23dB
Tracking Force 2.0gr
Compliance 8x10-6cm/dyne
Trackability 2.0 g >70μm
Load Impedance <100Ω
Net Weight 17 g