Lavardin Mains Lead

Alennushinta550,00 €

Model CMR Mains Lead 250cm
Model CMR mains cable is not very expensive, but definitely does a lot. The given with Lavardin Technologies mains cable are already special and sound better than many "high end" mains lead. The Model CMR gives much more with any type of component : Lavardin amplifiers, CD players, other amplipifiers, electrostatic speakers . We designed it to get rid of as much effect of mains pollution as possible, without creating other problems than the existing ones : traditional filtering only move problems. Here we do not try to cancel pollution (who could ??), but rather manage it in order it has minimum effect on components. The effect is both not spectacular and fundamental : Not spectacular because the sound, the color, the balance remains unchanged. Fundamental because it procures more space, micro dynamic, fluidity, openness, involvement, thrill ..... If one Model CMR is used, it is worth to try on the amp or on the CD player. The second unit using the given with standard Lavardin mains lead.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Any traditional "super hightech" filtering mains lead or multiplug should be DISCONNECTED FROM THE MAINS in the set up. Even if connected to the mains and not to the components, they still carry on polluting the mains. This is the only way to get the better from the Lavardin amplifiers and mains lead.

Customer's report :
I'm impressed! I bought the power cord. I hooked the system up and it was sounding ok...then I swapped in the new lavardin power cord. I literally was expecting nothing...maybe something very very subtle. I was unprepared for how much better the system sounded! It literally breathed new life into the system...the system sounded much more detailed, there was better extension in the highs, tightness in the lows, imaging improved (snapped into focus), soundstaging might have (speakers aren't ideally situated at the moment), voices improved dramatically. I tried the cord in the transport instead of the amp and got a minor version of the above. The best place to have it was hooked to the amp. System sounds so much more alive and dynamic : all this from a powercord : I'm amazed. I wish I could get another cord for the transport. I'm very impressed... Mr D.V. USA