Linn LP12 Valitse kokoonpano

Alennushinta2 690,00 €

Sondek LP12: Sondek LP12 Majik (Standard)
Virtalähde: Majik
Äänivarsi & äänirasia: Krane

Linn Cartridge Part-Exchange Values

Kandid Krystal
Kandid 1078,80
Akiva 1078,80 248
Arkiv B 806 248
Arkiv 682 248
Krystal 403 248
Klyde/Troika 272,80 167,40
Karma 167,40 94,25
Asaka 136,40 81,85

The iconic turntable, ready to roll

The LP12 is fully modular, so you can build it to your own unique spec. Too much choice? Don't worry, we've pre-configured three complete versions of LP12.

You'll hear more music than you thought possible from the groove of a record. Plus, you can upgrade any LP12 to the latest and best specification, piece by piece.

Karousel Bearing


Karousel, Linn’s new precision-engineered single-point bearing, offers smoother rotation and greater stability for even better sound from your Sondek LP12.

This innovative new take on our original bearing design has been made possible by technological developments in material science, machining capabilities and mechanical engineering expertise gained from almost half a century of designing and manufacturing the world’s best turntable.

That vital union between the platter, spindle, bearing and sub-chassis is now the strongest we’ve ever achieved. The substantial lock-nut fastening on the stainless steel housing increases rigidity at the critical point where bearing and sub-chassis come together.

Enhancements to the base of the bearing include a stronger housing for the thrust pad, and combined with a smaller, stiffer form improves the critical area that supports the platter rotation and mass, meaning your vinyl reproduction is more accurate and detailed than ever before.

  • Stainless Steel Bearing design improves rigidity and stability
  • Stronger, stiffer thrust pad and housing reduces vibration effects on music reproduction
  • Retro-fittable to any LP12


Lingo has received a major upgrade to deliver even better sound from your vinyl, thanks to the addition of ground-breaking technology derived from the extraordinary Radikal power supply.

New Lingo incorporates a motor speed management system and uses digital processing technology to make the platter spin more accurately and more consistently. What’s more, it auto-calibrates the motor when the Sondek LP12 is powered on to ensure this accuracy and consistency every time. That’s crucial for music, of course: even the slightest speed variation affects the pitch, and a turntable that isn’t accurate is like a musical instrument that hasn’t been tuned properly.

With on-board circuitry that fits inside the deck and a new external slimline power supply which can be easily concealed, the new model is neater, more compact and cleverer than ever.

The source of the audio source, Lingo is the first improvement to make to your LP12, providing a clear upgrade from the internal Majik power supply and previous Lingo models.

  • Power supply for LP12 with on-board circuitry which is externally powered
  • Supplied with 12v AC motor for LP12
  • Speed management system checks speed on every rotation
  • Dual speed: 33/45 rpm

Decks colours

Black Ash swatch

Black Ash

Cherry swatch


Walnut swatch


Rosenut swatch


Oak swatch



Linn Trampolin Baseboard


Suspended aluminium

Linn Solid Base

Solid Base

Solid aluminium


Linn Keel sub-chassis


Machined from solid aluminium

Linn Kore sub-chassis


Precision machined aluminium

Linn Standard sub-chassis


Box aluminium

Power Supplies

Linn Radikal Power Supply


Combined DC Motor & Phono Stage Power

Linn Lingo


Direct coupled AC Power


Linn Majik power supply

Majik Power Supply

Integrated supply for Majik LP12


Linn Radikal Power Supply

Ekos SE

Machined titanium arm & ultra-low friction bearings

Linn Lingo


Cold drawn aluminium arm tube, precision ball-race bearings

Linn Majik power supply


CNC turned aluminium & brass, one-point cross bearing arrangement



Linn Kandid cartridge


High performance moving-coil

Linn Krystal cartridge


Moving coil

Linn Adikt cartridge


Moving magnet

Phono Stages

Linn Urika phono stage


Fitted internally for formidable performance

Linn Urika phono stage

Urika II

Cutting-edge all digital phono stage


Linn Uphorik phono stage


Universal phono stage