Living Voice IBX-RW3

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RW3 is the top model in the range, available with either inboard (IBX) or outboard (OBX) crossovers.

The IBX-RW3 inboard crossover variant has the advantage of a closer coupling of the crossover filters to the drivers. This gives a marginally tighter presentation and a slightly more determined, urgent feel. There is shape and texture across the full frequency range and the bass performance is deep and rich with scale, authority and ease. With a near perfect balance of size, bandwidth, efficiency and tonal refinement this is the choice of the serious music lover when domestic considerations rule out having external crossovers.

Sensitivity: 94dB
Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
Loading: Reflex port to rear of cabinet.
Frequency Response: 35Hz–30kHz
Power Handling: 100 Watts
Cabinet Dimensions: W 215mm × D 270mm × H 1030mm
Plinth: W 215mm × D 270mm × H 140mm
Black textured finish.
Gross Weight: 21Kgs per cabinet.

Technical Summary:

  • High sensitivity wide dispersion MTM topology 750-density hardwood composite enclosure. Proprietary hand-wound air core inductors.
  • Stiff internal triple bracing. Mechanically isolated crossover. Optimised crossover layout. Star earthing.
  • Hovland discrete film and foil Musicaps. Proprietary non-inductive wire-wound resistors.
  • Treble drive unit: Proprietary Scanspeak tweeter made for Living Voice.
  • Bass / Mid drive unit: Proprietary Scanspeak 17 cm doped paper-coned drive units made specifically for Living Voice.
  • Woods and finish: Premium furniture grade book-matched natural veneers in Cherry. Walnut. Maple. Santos. Black Ash. Burr Oak. Ebony.