Mytek Digital Brooklyn ADC

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- PCM up to 384kHz, 32 bit, DSD256 with simultaneous formats on output, including USB.
- Transparent line level (electronic) or passive nickel transformer with saturation control mic or phono input (optional plug in cards). Inputs accessible from both back and front panels.
- AES, SPDIF, ADAT/Toslink (up to 192k, 24 bit), SDIF DSD, USB2 Class2 (All formats, up to 32 bit) (No drivers for Mac or Linux, bidirectional interface function with digital out on AES)
- Built in (MQA compliant filters and dithering)
- Control panel w. one button HiRes recording - Mac or Win app enabling control of all settings from a computer via USB. Features one button simultaneous maximum resolution PCM and DSD recording without a DAW and easy flash firmware upgrades.
- <1ps jitter Mytek Femtoclock (tm) generator. Wordclock I/O
- Worldwide 30W power supply 100-240V 50/60 Hz. Optional 12VDC power input (2.5mm, inner +)
- Weight: 4 lbs (2kg)
- Dimensions: WxDxH=8.5” x 8.5” x 1U

- Brooklyn ADC
- Power Cord
- USB2 cable