Oyaide Tunami GPX-Re

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- Power Cable IEC C15 PC-OCC-A 1,8m -


Perfect transcription and power

The first big wave of the OYAIDE TUNAMI power cable had a significant impact on the audio scene and was widely recognized by audiophiles, sound professionals, and even beginners in audio. The TUNAMI GPX-R V2 power cable, a special P/C-004 edition equipped with "Aspirin Snow White"connectors, has been designed to extract the full potential of the TUNAMI cable. This OYAIDE GPX-R V2 was born from the fusion of a high-performance power cable and high-end power connectors.

The TUNAMI OYAIDE is a powerful, fast and dynamic new generation power supply cable. The PC-OCC pure copper conductor wire with a short cross-section of 5.5mm² allows faultless transmission of the mains signal. Its ability to withstand 600V voltage and 30A amperage make it an ultra resistant cable. Its specially designed structure around 3 layers of shielding reinforces this strength and longevity.

PC-OCC copper is a material that contains no impurities and provides an interference-free signal. Cooling and heating the PC-OCC wire under controlled conditions produces a dense and very pure crystallized structure called "? conductor". The result obtained with an applied mirror finish is called PC-OCC-A. This highly advanced and worked product is made possible thanks to the combination of high technology and traditional Japanese know-how.


The mains connectors (Schuko and IEC C15) used have an external coating called "Aspirin Snow White", specially designed for this high-end cable. This body is made of thick polycarbonate whose resistance attenuates vibrations and eliminates distortion.

The contacts are no longer made of phosphorous bronze, but of beryllium copper to ensure a high level of electrical conductivity. A Platinum / Palladium plating is added as well as P/C-004 to complete these high-end connectors.


  • Conductors: PC-OCC-A Copper
  • Ground conductor: OFC copper
  • Schuko and IEC C15 connectors: Beryllium Copper Contacts
  • Platinum and Palladium plated
  • Outside diameter of the cable: Ø 15mm
  • Length: 1,8m