Solid Tech Kaiutinjalusta Model 6

Alennushinta765,00 €

Väri: Musta
Väri2: Black pillars
Optiot: H660

Pair with Height: 660, 670mm (SI, BL) and 660, 710mm (CU), Top 230 X 170mm. Spikes at floor end.

Loudspeaker stand model 6 modern look and feel utilizing extrusions as feet instead of the traditional MDF or concrete plate in the bottom. The stand is aimed for larger speakers that need more stability. The extra stability is achieved by having two pillars instead of one (model 5) and using four extrusions in the bottom. The stands can be filled with sand to gain stability. The stand has a height of 660mm and 760mm. The top plate is made of anodized aluminum and measures 230x170mm. Available colors are Silver, black and copper. The stands have an integrated cable handling solution.